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Planet Lodges Celebrates the Women Who Make the World a Brighter Place

This International Women’s Day, Planet Lodges resonated with the power of  strength and leadership. We dedicated the day to honoring the incredible women who are the backbone of our company and champions for global equality.

Empowering Stories Take Center Stage:

Across our diverse locations, Planet Lodges gave a platform to the inspiring journeys of our female staff. We highlighted their unwavering dedication, remarkable resilience, and exceptional leadership within the hospitality industry. Their stories served as a testament to the invaluable contributions women bring to our lodges and the communities we serve.

international women's day

Celebrating the Women Who Inspire:

We invited our guests to join the celebration by sharing stories of the women who have shaped their lives. This heartwarming initiative resulted in a beautiful tapestry woven with tales of mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends – a powerful reminder of the immense influence women hold in our world.

Beyond the Lodges: Championing Change

Planet Lodges goes beyond words by taking pride in sustainable tourism and ethical business practices. They respect and conserve the natural environment while supporting local communities. This commitment includes working closely with neighbours and local suppliers to source ingredients, reducing their carbon footprint and empowering women to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

The Celebration Continues:

International Women’s Day may have passed, but the spirit of empowerment continues to resonate at Planet Lodges. We remain dedicated to fostering a work environment that celebrates diversity, recognizes female leadership, and actively promotes gender equality.

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