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Ng’iresi Culture Tours

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Ng’iresi is a village of the Wa-Arusha tribe, about 7 km from Arusha town offering guided tours to the lush slopes of Mount Meru. Ngiresi tours highlight the struggle of the people to develop their village through development projects like soil conservation, migration, cross-breeding, and the use of bio-gas – which you will get to see. The program starts after breakfast when your driver will take you towards Arusha for drop off at Kimandolu ya juu to start a Walking Safari. The safari can Include:

  • A guided tour to farms on the lush slope of Mt. Meru
  • A climb to Kives Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on the top
  • A visit to several development projects in the village-soil conservation, irrigation, cross-breeding, and bio-gas.
  • A guided walk to Songoto and Navuru Waterfalls
  • A delicious lunch prepared by the Juhudi Women’s Group.
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