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Airport & Arusha

Arusha Town

While in Arusha Town, here are a few attractions as recommended by previous clients:

Central Market – A Locals sell and buy food stuffs and other consumable products.

Maasai Market – A This market is equipped with lots of craft shops which display much of East African culture. One sees the making of handcrafted pieces such as beads, bangles, necklaces, kitchen products, dresses and carvings as well as completed masterpieces.

Museums – A One can choose to visit the two museums in Arusha i.e. the Arusha Natural History Museum or the Arusha Declaration Museum.

Arusha Town Tour
Arusha Town Tour
Arusha Town Tour

Tanzanite Experience – You will get the pleasure of learning the story of the unique Tanzanian gemstone, Tanzanite. Declared to be 1,000 times more rare than diamonds, this “museum’ of sorts offers a series of visual and interactive exhibitions showcasing the history, mystery and rarity of Tanzanite. Clients can comfortably admire or purchase attractive cuts of the gems per their picking.

Cultural Heritage – Here you will enjoy a display of craftworks designed in different styles, one can also get see and buy varieties of art and paintings from artists all over Africa. Likewise, gem stones and such as rings and necklaces are available for sale.

Visit to Orphanages – There are quite a number of orphanages in Arusha such as Malaika, Bethlehem, and Samaritan Village or Neema House, by visiting these orphanages one will get to interact with the kids in residence and share knowledge, perhaps play some games etc.

School Visitation – A There are lots of schools in Arusha ranging from nursery school to high school, there are local schools, English Medium and International schools. Examples of these schools are St. Monica which is opposite Arusha Planet Lodge, Moshono Primary and Secondary school, St Constantine International School, Arusha Secondary School, and Ilboru Secondary and High School.

Sports/Golfing – A is an option at Gym Khana Grounds, Mount Meru and/or Ngurudoto grounds. The activity is can be booked subject to availability.

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