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Arusha Town

Arusha Town has a lot of activities which stimulate cultural preservation from different local tribes.

Lake Duluti

Lake Duluti is a small crater lake east of Arusha. A nature trail around the Lake is a sanctuary for over 130 different bird .


At the snake park you’ll learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, the Masai culture and how to ride a camel.

Arusha National Park

The Park has terrain ranging from open savannah through acacia scrublands to Afro-mountain cloud and rain forest.

Marangu Culture Tours

It is exciting to see the local house and get the stories.Visit blacksmith, chaga cave, and local village in the same area.


Ngiresi village tours highlight the struggle of the people to advance their village through agricultural development projects.


The IIkiding’a village is on the higher slopes of Mount Meru about 7 kilometers north of Arusha town.

Lake Manyara

The park offers a lush jungle-like groundwater forest where baboon troops lounge nonchalantly along the roadside.

Mkuru Camel Safari

The experience includes camel and walking safaris, as well as a wide variety of cultural events.

Ngorongoro Crater

When descending into the Crater, you will enjoy variations of vegetation within the world’s largest volcanic caldera.


The Tarangire park is famous for its big herds of elephants, baobab trees and tree climbing lions.

Trekking to Mandara Hut

Its a trekking activities through the thick rain forest to explore the nature and volcanic forest.

Mulala Coffee and Cheese Tour

The Mulala village is a typical rural setting on the southern slopes of Mount Meru, surround-ed by spectacular views.

Kaskazi Wildlife Horse Safari

Kilo Bravo, Kaskazi’s horse base is on Dolly Wildlife Estate, in USA River /Maji Ya Chai, only 1 hour drive from the lodge.

Chemka Kikuletwa Springs

Chemka Kikuletwa Hotsprings gets its name from the water that bubbles in underground caves.

Helicopter Tours

Take a thrilling helicopter tour of Kilimanjaro from Arusha Regional Airport Planet Lodges. Our customizable tours offer stunning views and the highest level of comfort and safety. Contact us today to book your adventure of a lifetime.

Lake Chala

Perfect place to relax and unwind and you’ve the choice of hiking the countryside around the lake, swimming in its sparkling waters or kayaking across  to Kenya.

Materuni Tours

Depart from Planet Lodge to trek and witness the tranquility pool at Materuni Waterfalls. Also, you can’t miss the famous, rich aromatic Coffee Tours.

Moshi Bike Tour

Embark on a thrilling adventure through Moshi’s hidden gems on a bicycle tour with Twanga Tours. Discover the natural beauty and cultural richness of Tanzania on a one-of-a-kind tour.

Several Wild Life

Stay at Airport Planet Lodge and take a day trip to Serval Wildlife in Moshi. Discover Tanzania’s wildlife on a tour to Moshi for a relaxed encounter of the park’s habitats and enjoy a picnic or fresh lunch surrounded by natural landscapes. Book your adventure today.

Birdwatching at Planet Lodges

Immerse yourself in the world of birds at Planet Lodges. Our lodges offer a haven for birdwatchers, with a diverse range of avian species waiting to be discovered. Explore our bird watching activities and accommodations today.

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